Disqomedia delivers high quality traffic to advertisers through a winning combination of high performing ad units, granular targeting, competitive pricing with the power of RTB.

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Our technology is able to deliver Real-Time relevant offers to internet shoppers. We target only highly qualified traffic with 100% viewable ads. Our solutions uses Contextual, Behavioral, Interest-based, Demographics, Geo & Retargeting technologies.


  • Retargeting

    You've done the hardest part—getting visitors to your site. But not all visitors convert on the first visit. Now what ? Bring your lost visitors back to convert ! Find visitors who have abandonned your shopping cart or website !

    Our Retargeting technology tracks the visitors that have previously visited your site, and then serves your ad to them while they are browsing other sites within on our large adexchange of publishers.

    …and pay only for performance with CPA ! You Don't Pay Unless it Converts !

  • Smart Targeting: Contextual, Behavioral, Demographics, Interest-based & Geo

    Get your ads on popular content websites outside of the traditionnal acquisition channels. Tap into traffic sources that your competitors are missing !

    Smart Targeting enables advertisers to reach new clients based on their behavior, interests, demographics, location and site content on our large adexchange of publishers.

    …and pay only for performance with CPA ! You Don't Pay Unless it Converts !



Benefit from all traditionnal display ad units such as Rectangle, Medium Rectangle, Leaderboard, Megabanner, Skyscrapper etc. on multi devices (computer, tablet, mobile) !


Forget about banners blindness ! Get high impact brand exposure and performance with our large formats 100% Viewable: Interstitial, Pop Under, Footer, Slider, In-Text.

Bigger ads, Bigger message, Better results ! Boost your brand awareness and pay only for performance !


Benefit from the power of Real Time Bidding !

We have partnered with the best adexchanges to deliver your ads to the most popular and quality content publishers (OpenX, PubMatic, Microsoft, RightMedia, DoubleClick). We reach audience in Real Time Bidding in order to deliver the relevant ads at the right time at worlwide level.


SMART TARGETING: Contextual, Behavioral, Interest-based, Demo, Geo



Standard IAB Display Formats

100% viewable large Formats

Multi devices: PC, Smartphone, Tablet


We have partnered with the major SSP and Ad exchanges

Real Time Bidding

Worlwide audience